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I’m feelin’ tip top I’m not gonna stop tapping my shoes

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Anonymous: "Rosie, what's your opinion with the vamps and disney? I think its not gonna help them at all. I'm really sad about it, and I still love them but I expected so much more :("


ohmygosh are you sure you want to go into this with me? Oh my i have so many feelings about this subject! Okay first of all, I think it’s a stupid move because it’s just going against everything they said they wanted to be. When you think Disney you think boy band- and there’s nothing wrong with Disney or boy bands (pls I’m still a die hard JoBros girl at heart I love Disney)- and the Vamps always said that they were a ‘band more like McFly’ and basically by going in with Disney they’re not being that. It will help them money wise, which tbh i think is all that really matters to them/their management. It wont help their music, because you can’t be a ‘disney band’ and produce ‘acoustic indie’ stuff. I mean I love them and I’ll probably be here for a long while because I think they have so much potential and it’s all going to waste and I really hope one day they’ll get to showcase their actual talent to the world. but no, them working with Disney really isn’t going to help them out. 

okay i’m sorry i went off on a little bit of a rant here and it doesn’t really make much sense whoops! 

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The Vamps - Somebody to You on Friday Download
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The Vamps perform on ‘The One Show’ at BBC Studios in London (1.9.14)

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Tristan Evans from The Vamps doing the “Bo$$” choreography

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